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Meet The Ryan Family Crew...
Ryan Enterprise Is Family Owned And Operated

Company History

Our Mission:  To reduce the amount of plastic in Missouri's waste streams by providing a unique recycling alternative and creating a finished product that holds a extended, useful life.

Developed in 2005, Ryan Enterprise embarked on the opportunity to recycle unwanted plastic material from Missouri's waste streams.  We have created products specifically for this unwanted plastic material. 

How We Do What We Do...

Housed in a 7,200 square foot facility, we have the ability to shred large pieces of plastic and further reduce the size by grinding them into small uniform particles.  Once the grinding process is complete, the extrusion process begins.  The plastic extrusion system melts the ground particles and molds them into the desired shape and product.  

We have another area in our facility that implements stretch film recycling.  The stretch film is bound into large square bales and sent off to make composite decking lumber.  The stretch film is collected throughout various industries and household sources.

In summary, we provide a recycling alternative for almost all plastics that are currently being land-filled due to their size and composition.