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At Ryan Enterprise, we would be happy to help your business embark on a recycling program that is not only beneficial to your company, but to our environment as well.  If your business has plastic waste, please give us a call or email and let us help you help our environment!




  • Remove all metal from any plastic :
  • Screws, staples, hinges, etc.
  •  Pumps from lotion bottles, spray nozzles from household cleaner bottles need to be removed.  Most sprayers/pumps/nozzles have a steel spring and ball inside and we cannot recycle this part of the container.
  • Dismantle plastic appliance removing all parts that might be metal (i.e. screws, hinges, etc).
  • Remove push button from laundry detergent bottles as most of them have a steel spring inside.

  • Remove all liquid from containers:
  • Dispose of leftover detergent, water, oil, or any liquid remaining in containers. 

  • Peanut butter , mayonaise, and syrup containers need to be prewashed- all other containers are safe to leave as is. 
  • We no longer accept plastic bags such as grocery bags, bread sacks, ziploc baggies, etc.
    •  Although we are no longer taking these types of plastic, we do encourage individuals to return these bags to your local grocer, as many of these businesses have recycling programs specifically for plastic bags.
  • Don't prewash all bottles:
    • Save your time...only prewash peanut butter, mayonaise, and syrup containers. 

  • Don't remove labels from containers:
    • Again, save your time...there is no need to remove labels.

  • Don't sort plastics containers:
    • There is no need to sort  your plastics by number type.  We accept numbers 1, 2, 4, and 5.  If you have number 3 or any other type of plastic, we ask that you call before you drop  off.   We DO NOT accept PVC.  

  • Don't remove caps from soda bottles, etc. 
    • We would prefer them left on the bottles.

  • Don't wash motor oil or vegetable oil containers. 
    • We ask that you drain these types of containers thoroughly but it is not necessary to prewash them.